Sairee View Resort
Koh Tao

Sairee View Resort is a luxury resort situated on the beautiful island of Koh Tao and consists of 6 rooms and 5 bungalows, All equiped with everything you need. AND……… with a STUNNING view of a beautifull sunset! In addition there also is an amazing swimming pool to cool of on those warm days! You can enjoy all this luxury in the middle of the tropical forests of Koh Tao. But Koh Tao is also perfect for more adventurous holidays. Because it’s the perfect place for great trekking and breathtaking dives!


All of our rooms feature wifi, a private bathroom and many more facilities. The Sairee view resort offers three different types of accommodations;

Standard rooms
Private Bungalows.

Why Koh Tao

beaches Koh tao


The resort is within walking distance of several amazing beaches and bays. Koh Tao is known for its spectacular beaches, these are perfect for a relaxing day with your family and friends.

koh tao Diving


It’s no secret that Koh Tao is one of the best places to dive and get your diving certifications. The island is full with diving schools so you will always find one that suits you. We love to work with But no matter what diving school you choose, you will always love the crystal clear water and colourful coral reefs where you can spot the most beautiful fish and turtles.

Koh Tao Hikes

Breathtaking hikes

If you really want to see more of the island we really sugest doing a hike around the island. Koh Tao has so much more to offer than the beaches. Making a hike is the perfect way to see the island in a unique way.